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DoubleCam – 2004

A portable dual camera system with the POV of the reporter and himself.

All in one unit, including LIVE editing, sound and Live transmission. Fully independent system for instant Live reporting (replacing 2 camera crews).

Creating Innovative

Systems & Applications

BE ON AIR – 2003

A self contained remote controlled studio to produced user generated content.

Launch in Germany in SAT1 as a casting tool and later licensed to numerous contries including South Africa and Middle East.

earthTV – 2001-2010

New LIVE Formats and production methods,  producing LIVE TELEVISION PROGRAMS with signals coming from multiple cameras located around the world.

Laserflipper – 1994

A high tech entertainment device to attract visitors in discos, nightclubs and other venues. A visually fascinating experience, where logical thinking and fast reaction is encouraged.

Instead of a pinball, the player has to direct a laser beam into a target by adjusting various mirrors. He selects a simple or complicated way. The more mirrors he uses the more points he can earn.

The first series of Laserflippers toured through Germany with Phillip Morris several promotion teams to promote the Marlboro Adventure Tour.

CleverCityParking System and App – 2013

Clever City Parking has developed a new parking sensor system and app, that  monitors and shows the status of public parking spaces in the inner cities (occupied, free, free in x minutes) in real time.

One DTA Sensor can monitor between 15 to over 100 hundred parking spaces. The parking spaces do not need to be defined by marked boxes. The system also measures the exact size of an available space – so you know that your car will really fit.  Thus, for smaller cars it also shows that there are many more spaces available. Several patents are pending.

LivePoint System – 2013

Online, face-to-face, LIVE video consulting.

LivePoint uses the consulting assets of the stationary trade and transfers it into the web by turning a sales person into a Live online sales expert. The  Live video of the sales person appears immediately in the browser of the client.  The sales person has a toolbox to show films, his products and close the sale. It is very simple and easy to use for both parties.

LivePoint transfers the consulting and sales skills of the retail business to the web, thus optimizing conversion rates and diminishing returns!

MultiCam, True Reality System – 2005

System to produce live programming with multiple remote control cameras, at several locations.

DOT – numerous international patents granted – 1995

The first customer loyalty tool for television viewers. When placed on a television screen the small DOT registers, whether viewers watched a selected program in its entirety without zapping away.

In Germany Hohenacker’s “Dotwin” was launched by Pro Sieben and over 70 Million Units were distributed by partners such as McDonalds, Telecom, BP, Bild and many others.

Over 300 Million Dots were distributed world wide. Partners were Broadcaster such as Channel 7 Australia, TV2 New Zealand and many others.