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Creating Innovative 
Systems & Applications

Thomas M. Hohenacker is both an entrepreneur and manager, as well as a creator of new technologies and systems. Among his skills are to manage and combine talents from various sectors, in order to develop new solutions for the media industry and other multimedia applications.

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Thomas M. Hohenacker

His activities include the production and international licensing of high quality programs and TV events to all media.

3-D Production and Marketing

Thomas Hohenacker has almost 20 years of 3-D production experience in all genres, from wildlife to prime time shows to mega sports events.  He created his own 3-D production systems and has extensive technical 3-D knowledge as well as a deep understanding of the creative process to produce the best possible 3-D. He is frequently a speaker at dedicated 3-D conferences.


Thomas Hohenacker has produced and coproduced a wide range of international television programs, mostly in the area of non-fiction programming, high end wildlife as well as numerous daily LIVE formats. The Live earthTV programs created by him are broadcast in 16 different languages and reach over 1 Billion people every day.


Hohenacker created numerous international innovations in the media sector, from new 3-D TV systems to special live transmission and production methods, loyalty systems for TV viewers and interactive videotext applications. 


Selection of articles in the international Trade Press.

Thomas Hohenacker’s mission in the past 15 years was to create and show “The World Live” and in “3-D”.

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3-D TV

Megasharks in 3-D

a wild underwater

experience in 3-D



the most authentic content from real people  in their real environments

3-D TV

3-D Planet

the world’s first travel

adventure in 3-D

The World LIVE

New Year’s Eve LIVE

a stunning Motion TimeLapse special, taking viewers LIVE around the world on the Big Night

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