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Thomas M. Hohenacker is both an entrepreneur and manager, as well as an inventor and creator of new technologies and systems. Among his skills are to manage and combine talents from various sectors, in order to develop new solutions for the media industry and other multimedia applications.

Thomas Hohenacker’s mission until 2010 was to create and show “The World Live” and in “3-D”.


In 2001 Hohenacker established earth television network, a fully owned daughter company of Telcast Media Group. With a great team of engineers Hohenacker developed new program formats and production systems for earthTV, which now operates the world’s largest remote controlled TV camera network.


earthTV produces 450 daily live programs - 24/7 -  in 16 different languages, reaching close to 2 Billion people world-wide every day. Thomas Hohenacker successfully established earthTV  as one of the widest reaching daily programs out of Europe. earthTV’s  LIVE programming airs on more than 40 TV networks around the world, such as NHK, France 2, Al Arabjya, n-24  and many others. 


Hohenacker is a pioneer in the 3-D TV market. In 1992 he started to produce prime time 3-D events for leading international broadcasters, based on a 3-D patent portfolio  he had acquired in the US. Hohenacker has produced over 250 programs in 3-D for leading broadcasters such as BBC, TF1, Discovery Channel, RTL, Pro7, VOX, and 40 other channels. He sold close to 300.000 Million patented 3-D glasses world-wide, making his 3-D system an international success. His experience, marketing and technical production know how in creating highest quality 3-D programming and 3-D events is unique.


Hohenacker was involved in the development of many innovative systems, from 3-D TV to live transmission, interactive media solutions, as well as loyalty systems for TV viewers. His activities include the production and international licensing of high quality programs and TV events to all media.


Hohenacker started his first media company in New York at the age of 25, importing European television programs to the US market. He later sold his shares and started a new business in Japan, which he turned into one of the leading licensors of European TV programming including art house films in the Japanese market.


Thomas M. Hohenacker, studied modern French literature at the Sorbonne University in Paris. He has been active in the media sector since the age of 12, when he began his career as a radio voice. He speaks and writes perfect German, English, French, and Italian. He is married and has two children age 8 and 11.

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