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3-D Production and Marketing

Thomas Hohenacker has almost 20 years of 3-D production experience in all genres, from wildlife to prime time shows to mega sports events.  He created his own 3-D production systems and has extensive technical 3-D knowledge as well as a deep understanding of the creative process to produce the best possible 3-D. He is frequently a speaker at dedicated 3-D conferences.

3-D Production

With now almost 20 years of 3-D production experience in all genres, from Wildllife to Prime Time shows to Mega Sports Events, he is regarded as one of the most experienced 3-D producers in the business. He frequently speaks about the future of 3-D at dedicated conferences.

His 3-D production credits include:

- 3-D Planet, 14x30 min., Travel Adventure Series in 3-D

- 3-D Megashark, 60 min., Wildlife

- 3-D Safari Africa, 60 min., Wildlife

- 3-D Safari Indonesia, 60 min., Wildlife

- 3-D Comodo Dragons, 60 min., Wildlife

- 3-D Halloween, 60 min., Docudrama

As well as over 100 3-D short stories in the areas of travel, adventure, children.

3-D Programmes

Thomas Hohenacker produced numerous 3-D highlights for 3-D TV Prime Time Event Programming for international broadcasters, such as:

- Dr. Who in 3-D, 2 episodes for BBC1

- Blue Peter, 1 episodes, BBC 1

- Children in Need, Event Night in 3-D, BBC1

- Top of the Pops in 3-D,

- Tutti Frutti in 3-D, 52 episodes, for RTL

- Daily 3-D Highlights of the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, for NRK, SABC

- Daily 3-D Highlights of the Sydney Olympic Games, ZDF

- Miss France in 3-D,  for TF1 France (hightest market share on TF1 ever 77%!)

- Crazy Horse in 3-D, TF1

- 3-D Highlights of the Rugby World Championships, TF1

- Open on Sundays’, 52 episodes for SVT, Sweden

- Christmas Calender, 24 half hours for TV2, Denmark

- Adventure Life, 6 half hours episodes for Kabel 1

- America in 3-D, Kabel 1

- Travel Fever in 3-D, 13 episodes, VOX, Germany

- Sharks in 3-D, Discovery Channel US, (highest rating during shark week)

As an average, ratings of the 3-D event programmes increased by 50%.

3-D Marketing

Hohenacker sold and marketed close to 300 million 3-D glasses in the Telcast-3D system world wide.

Retail Partner were, among many others:

Tesco, Boots Opticians, Radio Rentals, Argos, Zeiss, Rodenstock Opticians, O2, as well as leading TV guides such as Radio Times, TV Movie and TV Spielfilm.